Why Try Psychotherapy?

You might be a good candidate for therapy if:
  • you have ever felt stuck or unable to pursue your goals due to hindrances that you don’t really understand.
  • you feel alone and believe that no one understands you, or if you think that no one listens to you.
  • you feel judged by others or by yourself.
  • you have symptoms, such as depression or anxiety that bother you.
  • you have experienced abuse in your life, either in childhood or adulthood, such as sexual abuse or assault, physical or emotional abuse.
  • you have trouble connecting to others and sometimes or often feel isolated.
  • you are not feeling competent enough as a parent.
  • you see yourself repeating behavioural or thought patterns that don’t get you what you want or need.
  • you are suffering emotionally or mentally.
  • you are worrying.
  • you have negative ideas about yourself that you can’t seem to change, even though you try to care for yourself.
  • you feel that the real you is hiding inside you and that you are not sure how to be authentic.
  • you feel that you are in a life crisis.
  • work, school, family or other relationships are unsatisfying or are not going the way you would like.
  • you don’t know what you need or want, but things just don’t feel “right”.
  • a friend has told you that therapy might help you.
  • I haven’t mentioned the specific area that is troubling you, yet you know that you might need help and support.
  • you have been considering psychotherapy on and off and think you might be ready to take the next step.

Psychotherapy is not a quick fix. I won’t say that I know what is best for you. Psychotherapy works well when both you and I are interested in you and curious about how you function, feel, and think. I feel honoured to help clients take that path. Together we will see what emerges.