What is Psychotherapy?

If you try psychotherapy, you will have the opportunity to speak about your problems at a pace that feels safe for you with someone who will actively listen, be interested in your ideas about yourself, and will not judge. You will be able to discuss topics that you might not feel able to talk about with a friend or family member. If you have worries they will be taken seriously. You might start to feel a sense of freedom, because you will feel understood and heard. A psychotherapist is not perfect, but she will model accountability and will be earnest and sincere in her attempt to repair mistakes and any misunderstandings. This kind of interaction will become a microcosm of real life, and you will learn how to strengthen your sense of self in the relationships that populate your daily life.

A Psychotherapist understands how to notice your securities and insecurities about your relationships and about yourself. By interacting with you she will get a picture of what life was like for you before you began therapy. This knowledge will allow the psychotherapist to help you learn new information about yourself, which can help you to make sense of your habits and experiences in the world, and in your relationships with others.

You will feel supported and cared about in a way that teaches you to care for yourself. A Psychotherapist can help you to accept and understand your distress by going through the process of exploring it, with you.

The goal is that you will feel stronger, more receptive to your vulnerabilities and your strengths, and better able to make healthy choices in your life. You will learn to be more observant of how you feel and cope. You will learn to be more present to all that is you.